Embedding intelligence

to aerial drones

may allow solving

important problems.

01. Industrial

Monitor warehouses, pipelines and industrial infastructures even in GPS-denied environments.

The integration of HiPeRT autonomous stack onto embedded super-computers allows building smart drones with a small form factor, power consumption and cost, even in swarm and nano-size configurations.

02. Societal

HiPeRT drones have been adopted for monitoring inter-personal distances during pandemic emergency.

03. Enviromental

Our tkdnn perception stack is adopted by Maui Dolphins to monitor endangered species from aerial drones.

04. Agricultural

Extensive agriculture requires monitoring huge lands to decide when/where to sowing, irrigating, weeding, disinfesting, harvesting. HiPeRT drones help automatizing these tasks, early detecting potential threats and adopting herbicide at a finer granularity to reduce pollution and costs.